Nightmare Legacy (aroihkin) wrote in arofic,
Nightmare Legacy

Dragon Age, KinkMeme -- Tannusen/Uldred/Templars smut.

[ The Maker's Will ]
Pre-Harrowing (and pre-Greagoir rescue). As a thrall, Tannusen Surana services a group of blood-magic-adled templars for his Master's amusement.

Something of a companion piece to "Blood Enthrallment", takes place maybe a few months before Greagoir's intervention.

Part of the Silver and Scarlet series.


Warning: "Dubious Consent" due to mind-control. May be triggering or upsetting for some. NSFW, of course.

I hesitate to even promote this one, but there you have it. It's as much characterization as anything. Please heed the warning, though, and if you think it may upset you, sit this one out.
Tags: character - oc - tannusen, fandom - dragon age, fanfic or fanfic series - s&s
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