Nightmare Legacy (aroihkin) wrote in arofic,
Nightmare Legacy

Dragon Age, KinkMeme -- Tannusen/Uldred and Tannusen/Greagoir.

[ The Gift ]
The confrontation with Uldred at the end of the Broken Circle quest, as shown through his old thrall's eyes.


[ The Opposite of Two ]
The sequel to "Blood Enthrallment". Tannusen Surana saves the Circle, and when he next meets Greagoir he makes several confessions and two requests.


No real porn in either of these, which is part of why I waited to even post notifications for "The Gift".

Both are part of the Silver and Scarlet series.
Tags: character - da - greagoir, character - oc - tannusen, fandom - dragon age, fanfic or fanfic series - s&s
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